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Kentucky Route Zero (Acts 1 – 3)

Part of me wanted to wait for the entirety of Kentucky Route Zero to be released before writing about it, but ultimately I felt I was doing a disservice to the work by waiting. Because you shouldn’t wait to play it. And I shouldn’t wait to talk about it. I first played Kentucky Route

Writ Large

This weekend I’ll be speaking and exhibiting at a special UC Santa Cruz exhibition by Oakland-based text exhibition series Writ Large. The program looks fantastic, with screenings and performances of creative work from many talented artists from around the Bay, and with workshops by illustrious figures in computational literature, many of whom I’m lucky

ACM Hypertext 2016: Juried Hypertext Exhibition

This year, the ACM Hypertext Conference is offering a Creative Track in an effort to bring in more artists, which I have graciously been asked to Chair. This year's conference theme is "missing link," which is perfect for how we see this exhbition.

This Has to Stop

I had planned to post a cute little post today about AI as a design problem. But honestly in the wake of the announcement that Nintendo has fired Alison Rapp, I can’t in good conscience publish that piece today. Nintendo Insider has a quick overview of the situation for those unfamiliar. After controversy had

Beyond the Velvet Ropes

Finally, by my third GDC, I have reconciled my past experiences of being an outsider with the my current privileges. This year was a big step.

Little Rag Dolls: The Evolution of Smash

I’ve been a fan of the Super Smash Bros series since the first installment on Nintendo 64 in 1999. Back then, I loved the game’s framing metaphor of the characters of Nintendo's most popular games as inanimate toys brought to life by the Master Hand’s omnipotent selection.


Lately I’ve been wondering what I can contribute to the community and therefore wondering what role and persona will most effectively communicate that contribution. But performing yourself is harder than it sounds, and the conscious search for an online persona feels anything but genuine.

Agario is a game about consumption: both the aggressive, taking kind and the supportive, giving kind. Consumption is the power fantasy underlying the game's appeal...and I find it more satisfying than I'd like to admit. Moreover, I love the dynamics that have emerged around giving and sacrifice as communication.