ACM Hypertext 2016: Juried Hypertext Exhibition

This year, the ACM Hypertext Conference is offering a Creative Track in an effort to bring in more artists, which I have graciously been asked to Chair. As part of that track, we’re offering a gallery exhibition for creative hypertexts. This year’s conference theme is “missing link,” which is perfect for how we see this exhbition.

We’re specifically moving away from “hypertext” as only “links on a page” and are interested in conceptual and broad views of what might be considered a “link.” Here are just some of the things we’re looking for:

  • Literary hypertexts
  • Hypertext poetry
  • Hypertext games
  • Interactive Web art pieces
  • Interactive video
  • Experimental or conceptual hypermedia works
  • Social Media fiction
  • Interactive sonic art
  • Expressive Mobile or Web Apps
  • Locative works
  • Augmented Reality Works

If you do work in Twine, Inkle, Storyspace, Choicescript, etc, and you want to see your work in a gallery exhibition, you should submit—even if you don’t think you can manage the travel. If you’re positive you can’t make it, just let us know in your proposal.

The conference is largely a volunteer effort with minimal budget, but there may be external ways to find funding in the event you’re accepted.  Academic conferences are notoriously expensive to attend, so to offset that for artists, we’ll also be offering an exhibition-only registration. If other financial concerns are stopping you from submitting, shoot me an email.

The submission call asks for a specific page formatting, but don’t stress about that too much. Academics like this kind of thing for posterity, but I absolutely don’t want column layouts and font sizes to prevent great work from being submitted. Seriously, just submit something with the relevant information (as listed on the CfW) and we can work out the formatting later if it’s a concern.

The deadline for submission is this Friday, May 6.