Writ Large

This weekend I’ll be speaking and exhibiting at a special UC Santa Cruz exhibition by Oakland-based text exhibition series Writ Large.

The program looks fantastic, with screenings and performances of creative work from many talented artists from around the Bay, and with workshops by illustrious figures in computational literature, many of whom I’m lucky enough to work alongside.

Details on Writ Large as an exhibition series and on the UCSC event are available on their website. (Current info copied below, be sure to check the official page for updates)

Full Schedule for the 2016 Santa Cruz event

May 18 – 21: Digital Arts Research Center (“DARC”) Room 108 [Gmap; parking]
12-5pm Wed – Fri; Saturday 12-8pm; reception 4pm Saturday

An exhibition of text-based films, animations, programs, and interactive works by UCSC students and contemporary poets, writers, programmers, filmmakers, and digital and new media artists, alongside important historical works incorporating text and language in film, video, and computer programming. Includes the first Santa Cruz exhibition of Stan VanDerBeek’s “Poem Fields” series, as well as works by Kay Rosen, Eduardo Kac, Abram “Aphid” Stern, Amaranth Borsuk, Peter Rose, Talan Memmott, Samantha Gorman, and many more.

Friday May 20 5 – 7pm, and Saturday May 21 12 – 3pm
Digital Arts Research Center “Light Lab” Room 306 [Gmap; parking]

May 20:

Allison Parrish keynote workshop, “Writing Poetry with Procedure”
5-7pm Light Lab (DARC 306) followed by questions and open discussion
sunset (approximately 8:15) Special Screening

May 21:

12pm: Docent tour of exhibition, focused on tools used
12:20: Stacey Mason, “Links and Creative Expression: A Practical Guide”
12:40: Aaron Reed, “Sculpting Story with The Ice-Bound Concordance”
1:00: Kate Compton, “Twitterbots and text generators, the easy way”
1:20: Mindy Seu, processes behind several online text experiments
1:40: Brian Christian, “The Most Human Human”
2 – 3pm: spontaneous workshops and open discussion

Saturday May 21 5 – 8pm (three programs, approximately 50 min with 10-min intermissions)
UCSC Media Theater [Gmap; parking]

5 – 6pm: MotionPoems program
a curated collection of works from the archives of Motionpoems, a nonprofit based in Minneapolis that works with publishers and film and video artists to produce short video adaptations of contemporary poetry
6 – 7pm: Writ Large Oakland program highlights
a selection of works featured in the 2015 Writ Large program at the Great Wall of Oakland
7 – 8pm: UCSC submissions and curated works
a curated program of film and video works by UCSC students and artists from across the globe, submitted through an open call and chosen by the curatorial committee

Saturday 5/21 8pm: Presentation of awards for UCSC work
8:30pm After party (Light Lab, DARC 306)