You Never Call, You Never Write

The last post on this site came just before I went in for leg surgery a little over a year ago. I thought I’d have plenty of time after surgery for blogging—after all, I wasn’t going to be working! But recovering bodies don’t really work that way, and after a few exhausting weeks of getting my legs to work properly again, I jumped crutched right into a new job with Telltale Games.

Telltale was a natural fit for me, and I’ve been really happy there. The people are amazing, and I was given an opportunity to do the kinds of research at which I’m best, and make really cool stuff. It’s awesome work, but because it’s all R&D work, I’ve had to be very careful in how I talk about it. So because of this, I just haven’t spoken publicly talk about my Telltale work at all, lest things I say be interpreted as speaking for the company.**

At first, I was admittedly overly cautious, afraid to say much of anything because I wasn’t sure where the boundaries of my NDA actually were. But I’m feeling more comfortable navigating NDAs, and I understand better how to continue to speak publicly about narrative without stepping on my industry work.

So after a year of huge life events—a surgery, the job, a marriage, a move—I’m finally back to enough stability to write.

Streams will be a little slower to start back, since my current living situation is not very conducive to them. But as soon as that changes, those will be back too.

So here we are. It’s good to see you again. I’ve missed you.

And I’ll have a new post for you on Tuesday.


***To be clear, none of the things I say on this site are anything other than my own thoughts and musings. You can safely assume nothing on this site has anything to do with any industry work.