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Kentucky Route Zero (Acts 1 – 3)

Part of me wanted to wait for the entirety of Kentucky Route Zero to be released before writing about it, but ultimately I felt I was doing a disservice to the work by waiting. Because you shouldn’t wait to play it. And I shouldn’t wait to talk about it. I first played Kentucky Route

Little Rag Dolls: The Evolution of Smash

I’ve been a fan of the Super Smash Bros series since the first installment on Nintendo 64 in 1999. Back then, I loved the game’s framing metaphor of the characters of Nintendo's most popular games as inanimate toys brought to life by the Master Hand’s omnipotent selection.

Agario is a game about consumption: both the aggressive, taking kind and the supportive, giving kind. Consumption is the power fantasy underlying the game's appeal...and I find it more satisfying than I'd like to admit. Moreover, I love the dynamics that have emerged around giving and sacrifice as communication.

TwinyJam: Small Hypertext Games

A few weeks ago, IF author Porpentine created a game jam for tiny hypertext games called TwinyJam. The goal was to create a hypertext game in 300 words or less. The results were impressive; 239 games were entered into the jam.


Paperknife is an evocative experimental hypertext game that uses virtual space as a literal interpretation of branching narrative structures. You play as a child psychologist who’s seeing another doctor’s patient today. Your goal is to build a relationship with her, to get her to open up about her phobias and difficult family life.

Parable of the Polygons

Parable of the Polygons is an interactive blog post by Vi Hart and Nicky Case about bias and self-segregation that effectively shows how even a slight bias can cause strong self-segregation. To start, polygons are unhappy if only 1/3 of the polygons around them are like them, and they’ll want to be moved to be


Cloudbuilt almost lost me in the first 10 minutes. The cursors for the menus on the title screen only appear once you press up or down. “No big deal, I thought, it’s a very small issue and this is an indie game—probably not a huge dev team.” But 5 minutes into the tutorial and

The 7th Saga

As a child, I found The 7th Saga frustrating and severely lacking compared to my beloved Final Fantasy 2. But my grandfather poured hours into the game, and it had always lingered for me as a game grown-ups like. Maybe I would understand when I was older.